I am primarily seeing clients  in person, but if you need a virtual appointment I have some availability for that as well.  However, it is a preference and strongly encouraged that couples and families are seen in person.

What is Teletherapy? 

Teletherapy is the online delivery of mental health therapy services via high resolution, live video conferencing.  

 I am currently using a video therapy platform that is HIPPA  compliant and assures confidentiality.

If you were to choose to work with me in teletherapy I will first speak with you by telephone to see if what you are looking for and what I can provide match.  I will then send you some forms via email and documents (practice policies and consent for treatment forms) that you will electronically sign.  Once signed they are sent directly to me via Adobe in a closed system for confidentiality.  No print, sign and scan.  It is fast and easy.  I will send you a link to the session and a minute or so before your scheduled time you link in and I click you in and we are connected.  Again, the process is easy - no need for alot of tech savvy.  

I am set up in a private office and I ask that clients set themselves up in a place that is private and quiet.  You can use your phone, computer, laptop or Ipad for sessions. I can provide flexibility on my end to accommodate your needs with respect to times for sessions.  As in the office setting, the sessions are 50 minutes.

Send me a message at [email protected] and we can get started.

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