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Thinking Outloud Blog

This blog will be an eclectic collection of my thoughts on the stuff of life and the obstacles we face as we navigate through.


published January 14, 2017

When we are in disagreement with a person close to us we react.  How “big” we get and how “big” our opponent gets can often determine whether or not we can come to a resolution.

Out of the Comfort Zone 

published June 25, 2016

Brene Brown, PhD, LCSW, a researcher and speaker on topics such as vulnerability and shame, describes the comfort zone as the place “where our uncertainty and vulnerability are minimized...where we feel we have some control.“ Human beings like being in this comfort zone. While it is true that a little bit of anxiety can enhance our performance, like when that adrenaline surge happens that keeps us on our toes, being outside the comfort zone, depending upon how far outside, can be plain scary.

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